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Grimms Notes

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    Game Info

    ★ Amazing action with simple controls!
    Simple Controls. Magnificent combo, and superlative skills.
    Enjoy the strategic battles!
    - Customize your party’s formation with various roles.
    - Strategically manage your heroes’ skills and weapons.

    ★ Familiar and charming characters from fairy tales!
    [Snow White], [Cinderella], [Alice in Wonderland]
    [Red Riding Hood], [Phantom], and [Romeo and Juliet]!
    Characters from familiar fairy tales will be your heroes!

    ★ Another stories created by twisted fairy tales.
    The almighty creators who write original fairy tales of Grimms Notes.
    And the fallen creators of darkness who wants to distort their destiny.
    An exciting [Battle Tales] for restoring their fate begins now!

    ★ No stamina evolution system!
    Increase battle difficulty and fight without restriction.
    Power up, Speed up, and Rank up!
    Strengthen your own heroes and weapons.
    No more stamina stress!
    Enjoy game as much as you want!

    ★ An exciting RPG filled with various contents!
    Beautiful voice acting of famous voice actors.
    Vivid illustrations for character cutscenes and battle actions.
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