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Farm Story 2

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    Game Info

    Farm Story 2 is a farm simulator that lets you explore a beautiful 3D world to harvest crops, raise
    animals and discover exciting surprises! Join in on the long-awaited sequel to our #1 hit farming

    Play with friends for free and as long as you want, turning your fresh produce into delicious goods
    to become a farming legend! Go fishing, design your ranch and adopt pets to liven up your farm!

    Available in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, 中国语言, 한국어


    FARM GAME - Build your farm from the ground up
    - Farm simulator - Get the chance to get up close and personal with your favorite animals
    - Farming game - Plant crops and raise livestock as you try to become the best farmer
    - Management game - Choose your own direction for the farm you build

    MINI GAMES - Play mini games to expand and enhance your farm
    - Growing game - Plant and harvest your own crops
    - Trading game - Buy and sell with neighbors to profit from your hard work
    - Mining game - Delve deep to uncover precious gems and jewelry
    - Storyline game - Unlock and meet special characters as you expand your farm

    FISHING GAME - Discover Hidden Surprises
    - Fishing for fun - Relax while expanding your farm! Use fish to fulfill tasks or create new items on
    your farm
    - Casual games - Fishing can return gems, paint and more! You never know what you’ll find

    COOKING GAMES - Make meals from your ingredients
    - Cooking for all - Craft delicious meals in your Kitchen, snacks with your Deep Fryer, or desserts
    in the Chocolatier!
    - Harvest fresh ingredients - Whip up your favorite dishes instantly with your homegrown crops!
    - Trade your food - Trade or sell your foods to make your farm as big as you can!

    BUILDING GAME - Build your farm from scratch
    - Design - Build your farm from the ground up – literally! Plant crops, raise animals and play mini
    games to build the farm of your dreams!
    - Decorate - Customize your ranch strategically to maximize growth and earn rewards!

    RAISE ANIMALS - Expand your livestock
    - Raising games - Collect a barnyard full of cute and playful animals
    - Milk the cow - Get what you need for all your farming needs like for milk, eggs and wool
    - Raise animals - Each cow, chicken, sheep and horse you collect expands your ranch

    PET GAMES - Add cute characters to your farm
    - Pets - Adopt cute kittens and charismatic canines
    - Raise animals - receive amazing rewards that help your farm

    FREE TO PLAY - Play Farm Story 2 for free
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