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Dungeon Boss

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Game Info

Lead YOUR team of powerful heroes through heavily-armed dungeons, defeating legendary enemy bosses and grabbing loot along the way in this strategy RPG. Collect and improve your team of heroes to outmatch enemies in combat, and guard your own dungeon against any invader. Join millions of players worldwide and Be the Boss in this new free-to-play game!

Key Features:

• Collect Strategic Heroes – Build a team, improve their star ratings, unlock unique abilities and take bosses down!
• Crush Your Enemies – Charge through a vast network of kingdoms, war-torn dungeons and threatening rival clans!
• Multiply Your Fortune - Fortify your dungeon’s defense against attacks from other players, and raid their dungeons for your own gain.
• Tournament Events - Fight to the top of the Leaderboard to earn special tournament rewards. Exchange strategy and tips in Chat to improve your game!
• Strategize for Victory – Each hero has strengths and weaknesses. Customize your team for any type of battle.
• Call In Reinforcements – Connect with Friends in the game and summon their heroes to assist you in combat!
• Amazing Graphics - Experience epic battles in stunning 3D!
• New 3 Star Dungeons – New dungeon difficulty rating scale, enabling greater rewards for victory!
• Loot Runs – For any 3-Star Dungeon win, Loot Runs unlock faster loot collection!

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